Apartments and houses regular cleaning

Our “regular cleaning” package is a relatively quick recurring service designed to keep your rooms clean and tidy on a regular basis. You can book this service daily, weekly, monthly or propose your own schedule based on your personal needs and availability. We will use dry and wet cleaning methods to wash all external surfaces and remove all visible dust and stains. We will generally tidy up your rooms and will re-organize items that may be out of place, floors will be washed and vacuumed. Kitchens, bathrooms and showers will be cleaned and disinfected.


Our “regular cleaning” service includes:

  • Dust removal from all reachable surfaces. We will start off with removing visible dust using dry cloths and will then move on to using wet cloths if needed. Depending on the type of surface and its state, we will also use cleaning and disinfection products when needed. The cleaning method and the products we use will be chosen individually for each surface.
  • We will remove visible dust and stains from floor skirtings and door frames. Door frames and floor skirtings are usually cleaned once per month, however upon your request this can be done more frequently.
  • Vannitoas ja WCs puhastatakse niiske lapiga ja desinfitseerimisvahendiga kogu santehnika, peegelpinnad, WC pott, vann nii seest kui väljastpoolt, valamud ja kanalisatsioonitoru. Samuti pühitakse kergelt niiske lapiga vannitoa seinad (käeulatuses) , põrand pestakse mopiga. Samuti pühitakse mustus sellistelt pisiasjadelt nagu näiteks kaal, pesukorv.
  • We will wash all external surfaces in the kitchen using disinfecting cleaning products, when necessary. If it is required and there is a possibility to do so – we will also take out and empty your waste bins. Wet and dry cleaning will be used on your kitchen cupboards to remove dust, grease and any other visible substances or stains that there might be. The kitchen sink and the drainage pipe will also be washed and disinfected. Using eco-friendly products is also an option. 
  • Upon your request we can make the bed and tidy up your rooms in general – we will pick up and re-organize things that may be laying around and out of order.
  • We will wash and vacuum floors in all rooms. Floors are usually washed using water without any cleaning products, however that can be changed upon your request. We will vacuum small (up to 1,5m x 1,5m) carpets, lift them up and will wash floors under them – placing them back afterwards. Moving larger carpets is not included in “regular cleaning”. 
  • Lamps, lampshades, floor lamps and other lighting equipment tends to collect a lot of dust over time, which is also quite easy to spot. We will normally clean dust off all lighting equipment once every two months. Of course, upon your request this can be done more frequently.
  • Regulaarne koristusteenus hõlmab ka klaas-, läikivate- ja peegelpindade, akende puhastust .
  • We will vacuum your couches, couch pillows and bed headboard using a specialized vacuuming nozzle. We will also wash and vacuum floors around and under your furniture. The furniture itself will not be moved.
  • Balconies, terraces and other similar spaces are not included. 
  • Upon your request we can also keep windows open to let in some fresh air while we work.
  • Once our work is completed there is an option to apply air freshener in your rooms, this will be done upon your request.
  • We will use only our own professional cleaning products, all cleaning products are chosen based on the required work. You have an option of choosing eco-friendly products.
  • It would be beneficial if you would have your own vacuum cleaner and floor mop, which we could use. Alternatively, we can bring our own ones as well.
  • You can be at home while we work, we will make sure that it is not going to be an issue neither for you nor for us.