Apartments and houses general cleaning

General cleaning – is something you might need if your everyday cleaning efforts don’t bring the desired results. This is similar to “spring cleaning” and is usually done a couple of times per year. We will do whatever it takes and will use as many products as needed to make sure that all surfaces are free from stains and dust. We will choose the necessary cleaning equipment and products based on the type and complexity of the required work.


General cleaning includes:

  • Dust removal from all surfaces. We will initially remove dust using a dry cloth and other equipment without using water. Once that is done, we will use specialized wet cloths and disinfecting liquids.
  • We will wash floor skirtings, light switches, doorknobs and other similar smaller interior elements.
  • Dry cleaning of all walls and ceilings to remove things like dust and spiderwebs. Wet cleaning of walls and ceilings to remove smudges and other stains.
  • We will pay extra attention to detail when cleaning the bathroom – disinfection will be one of our top priorities. All bathroom equipment and appliances will be cleaned: we will clean and disinfect the toilet, the bathtub, the shower, the sink and all drainage pipes. The floor and walls will be cleaned with wet cloths. We will clean all floor tiles and spaces between tiles. Additional items like bathroom scales, laundry baskets and other similar things will also be cleaned.
  • We will wash all kitchen surfaces outside and inside using disinfecting cleaning products when necessary. If it is required and there is a possibility to do so – we will also take out and empty your waste bins. The following appliances will be washed: the oven (outside and inside), the refrigerator (outside and inside), all kitchen cupboards (outside and inside), the microwave oven (outside and inside), the coffee machine. Wet and dry cleaning will be used on your kitchen cupboards to remove dust, grease and any other substances or stains that there might be. The kitchen sink and the drainage pipe will also be washed and disinfected. 
  • Upon your request we can also make the bed and tidy up your rooms in general – we will pick up and re-organize things that may be laying around and out of order. Also, upon your request we can clean your wardrobes inside – we will remove all clothes before cleaning and will put them nicely back after the job is done.
  • We will wash and vacuum floors in all rooms. Floors are usually washed using water without any cleaning products, however that can be changed upon your request. We will vacuum carpets as well. 
  • Dust removal from all lamps and lampshades.
  • Polishing wardrobe and cupboard doors, polishing mirrors. 
  • We will vacuum your couches, couch pillows and bed headboard using a specialized vacuuming nozzle. We will also wash and vacuum floors around and under your furniture. The furniture itself will not be moved.
  • Cleaning balconies, closed terraces and other similar spaces is included.
  • Upon your request we can also keep windows open to let in some fresh air while we work.
  • Once our work is completed there is an option to apply air freshener in your rooms, this will be done upon your request.
  • We will use only our own professional cleaning products, all cleaning products are chosen based on the required work. Some parts of our general cleaning service require the usage of products with a PH of 0 – 4 and for other purposes a PH of 10 – 12. You have an option of choosing eco-friendly products.
  • The general cleaning service involves the usage of a wide range of cleaning equipment such as: specialized dry and wet furniture cloths, telescopic mops and special brushes and wipes for sanitary equipment.
  • It would be beneficial if you would have your own vacuum cleaner and floor mop, which we could use. Alternatively, we can bring our own ones as well.
  • You can be at home while we work, we will make sure that it is not going to be an issue neither for you nor for us.