Disinfection and steam cleaning service

Our disinfection service includes a set of activities aimed at removing infectious bacteria, viruses, fungi, toxins and other potentially hazardous substances from external surfaces to prevent them from spreading and causing health issues for you, your family members and visitors.


Our team will choose their workflow based on the type of work, its complexity and other factors:

  • Manual cleaning – removing a layer of contaminated soil.
  • Physical – disinfection using UV lamps and / or gamma ray devices. Thermal cleaning of clothes, sanitary equipment, dishes, cleaning equipment and medical equipment.
  • Chemical – this is the primary method, which implies the use of disinfecting antiseptic products to eliminate toxins, germs, viruses and other potentially harmful things.
  • Combined – involves the use of several or all above-mentioned cleaning and disinfection methods. For example, chemical cleaning with a following UV exposure. Will be used upon request and depending on required work and its complexity.

After general cleaning, the premises are disinfected using a steam cleaner and a special disinfectant solution.