Post-construction cleaning

Midlis offers post-construction cleaning services in Harjumaa


Post-construction cleaning is a difficult and time-consuming task, having to deal with things like construction dust and waste, stains and smudges can take up a lot of your time and energy.

When there is just one last step left before you can move into your new dream house or apartment, yet you have no more energy left after all the work you’ve already done – Midlis will be there to help you.

Our post-construction cleaning service will cover all rooms in your house or apartment. We will perform all required work in order to prepare your home for you and make it comfortable. After our word is done – there will be no signs of any prior construction work left.

Post-construction cleaning includes:

  • Everything included in our “general cleaning package”;
  • Dust removal from ceilings and walls
  • Cleaning your ventilations system from dust
  • Stain removal (paint, plaster, cement etc.)
  • Window and radiator deep cleaning
  • Waste disposal
  • Waist container rent in required
  • Dust removal from furniture, mirrors and other similar interior elements